Download V/s No Download Online Casino Software


Download software refers to that software which has to be downloaded and saved in the computer. When the player is connected to the Internet the software establishes a link with the online casino and enables online gambling. No download software is only temporarily stored in the browser of the player’s computer for the duration of the play. Every software whether download or no download has its pros and cons and the player has to choose which one is required.


The downloading and installation of the download software is a one-time task. It can take about 10 minutes depending on the speed of the Internet connection to download the software, but thereafter players can start playing immediately any time they wish to. They needn’t download or install it every time they wish to play.


No download software on the other hand is saved in no time in the browser temporarily. But every time when the player wants to play the game, he has to save it again as it does not remain saved permanently on the computer. An exception to this is that some casino sites offer the facility that a few of the popular games are downloaded first and are available for play, while the rest of the software keeps on downloading. 


The download software occupies usually between 5 MB and 40 MB of space on the computer, depending on number of games offered and complexity of features built in the game to be downloaded. Another drawback is that if the player does not have additional free space, the playing speed slows down. On the other hand, the no download software does not require any memory space on the computer.


Another drawback of download software is that if a player wants to play at several online casinos in the download format then he has to allocate space to each casino’s software, which is difficult. So it is advised to prefer the no download software.


One of the major disadvantages of download software is that it can be installed only on computers that use the Windows operating system. Mac and Linux users cannot user the download casino software.


On the other hand, the no download software can be installed on all operating systems including Mac and Linux users. The latest no download software just requires plug-ins like Flash or Shockwave which can be downloaded very easily and installed for free anytime.


A drawback of no download software is that the quantity of the games offered by it is less. They usually offer half the part of the games thus excluding certain features of the game whereas the download software allows the full version of the game to be installed.


Thus in brief, the download casino software requires downloading the game only once, offers full version of the game with all features. But the Initial downloading and installation takes long time, requires more space and works only on Windows operating System.


On the other hand, the no download casino software does not require any space in the computer for downloading, and its Initial downloading speed is fast. Also it works on Windows as well as Mac and Linux operating systems. But some of its limitations include that it requires downloading every time the user wants to play and does not offer the full version of the game. Some features are usually missing.


Both download and no download casino software has its own advantages and limitations. It totally depends on the player what his requirements are.


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