Online Casino Honesty & What Makes Online Casinos Trustworthy


Dishonesty prevails in all areas of life and thus online casinos are not an exception. There are honest and trustworthy online casinos as well as there are dishonest and fake online casinos, also called rogue casinos. It is the responsibility of the player that he pays attention while selecting an online casino for playing online games. It is not a difficult task just needs wise decision.


The service providers give necessary inputs to these online casinos and the reputation of these service providers determine the reputation and honesty of the online casinos. The service providers are the casino licensor, the casino software provider and the auditor of the casino.


Online casinos are required to get a license from the designated authority of the jurisdiction of the place where they are situated.


For example the online casinos registered in the Netherlands have to obtain a license from The Internet Gaming Association and those in Malta have to get license by The Lotteries and Gaming Authority.


These licensors check out the background of the promoters, assesses whether the applicant has the financial and technical resources to carry out the various gaming operations. They also keep a periodic track of the online casinos after providing the licenses. Therefore the online casinos licensed by these reputable jurisdictions are considered reputable and trustworthy.


Another one is the casino software provider. The key component of the software is the Random Number Generator or RNG. Good software providers ensure that the numbers generated are truly random and there is no way that these can be manipulated.


The casino software providers today offer a complete online casino management system that deals with the payment, calculates the bonuses and compensation points and also keeps a record of all the transactions for audit purposes. Some of the reputed software providers are Microgaming, Cryptologic and Playtech which offer all these services in their software. Hence online players should play only at those casinos which are powered by reputed software providers.


Reputed online casinos offer their operations to be audited by an experienced agency such as eCOGRA or Technical Systems Testing. These auditors perform two functions. The first being that they test the random number generator for fair selection of numbers and the second one is that they calculate and report the actual payout ratios for each game. If the payout ratio for slots is 96% then the online casino has paid out 96 cents for each dollar wagered on slots.


The most reputed and trustworthy online casinos put up the auditor’s monthly reports in their public domain. So look for those online casinos only.


To carefully select the best online casino, check for the logo of the licensor, software provider and auditor that is usually available on every reputable casino site.


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